nexlon ™

aircell is a remarkable invention released by Tuntex, a yarn with a unique configuration and an enhanced polymer structure. With over 5 years of R&D, Tuntex is able to manufacture and implement aircell in its commercial carpets, taking carpet performance to the next level.
The name “nexlon” comes from a combination of "Next" and "Nylon." nexlon™ is a Premium quality nylon fiber for carpets. It embodies the ultimate craftsmanship to build a new era of high quality indoor space with the utmost ingenuity.
Tuntex re-uses materials to produce in-house recycled yarn, achieving closed-loop recycling of raw materials. The entire recycled yarn can be reused to create Tuntex’s Circular nexlon™, minimizing the loss of energy and pollution to the environment.
nexlon™ is exclusively designing for Tuntex carpets