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Tuntex is always striving to stay updated with design trends and developing innovative products and providing technical solutions. We do not think of our products as individual units, but rather a catalog of tools to explore new concepts, ideas, techniques and possibilities for a design adventure. Every piece of carpet and flooring has a unique process and story that give them character. We would like to invite you to create a story with us.

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The Renaissance era began in the early 13th century, with the resurgence of the classic Greek and Roman art styles, during its peak it allowed artists to explore their individuality, Tuntex Renaissance of Art Collections have endeavored to replicate this in their carpet tiles through colourfullness, artistry and "Stand out from the Crowd" type designs. Combining this aspect of design with luxurious quality we are happy to present the Renaissance of Art Collections.

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You cannot escape the responsibility of

tomorrow, by evading it today

- Abraham Lincoln

E-Concept allows us to conceptualize our thoughts with regard to the environmental future, combining our renownedquality and design with our commitment to the environment. All products within the E-Concept Collection utilize our Third party certified Tuntex Recycled Commercial Duraback.

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"Let's go back to a time of classic Elegance"

Our Classic Collection reminds us of the Elegance, Refinement, Timelessness and Sophistication of the past, never to be looked down upon, these products offer the end user all that is required with beauty, quality and functionality built in. The designs and colours will suit many different applications from modern to classic offices and public spaces.

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